“It Makes Me Nervous to Talk About It”: Blake Shelton Opens Up About Miranda and Gwen to Chelsea

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“It makes me nervous to talk about it,” Blake Shelton admits, as he opens up to Chelsea Handler about his divorce from Miranda Lambert and his subsequent relationship with Gwen Stefani.

“… My marriage, everything just fell apart, and then trying to pick the pieces up from being at the rock bottom, you know,” Blake says, remembering the time that ultimately became the beginning of his latest album, If I’m Honest.

The “She’s Got a Way with Words” singer goes on to recall it was then he realized his acquaintance from The Voice was dealing with a break-up as well.

“To all the sudden find out she’s going through basically the same exact thing at the same time– and this is how my life turned around,” he says of his relationship with Gwen, “and so quickly too, by the way. It’s like ‘Whoa!’– all this has to be meant to happen, you know.”

Chelsea sums up Blake’s feelings about the whole matter with a question.

“Do you feel like you’re happier than you’ve ever been in your entire life?” she asks.
“Oh there’s no question about that,” he answers.

You can watch Blake’s full interview on Chelsea when it premieres Friday on Netflix.

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