“It’s About to Get Dirty”: Brantley Gilbert Road-Tests Tunes from “The Devil Don’t Sleep”

The Valory Music Co.

Brantley Gilbert’s new album, The Devil Don’t Sleep, won’t be out until Friday, but if you’ve been to see the Georgia native in concert, chances are you’ve already gotten to sample some of its songs.

“Our live show, you know, is really adrenaline-driven and really high-energy,” Brantley tells ABC Radio. “So a lot of the up-tempo songs we’ve tried out in a live format, just to get response and try to feel those out. You know, songs like ‘The Weekend’ and songs like ‘It’s About to Get Dirty.’”

If you’re a football fan and a gamer, there’s a good chance you know that tune well.

“’It’s About to Get Dirty’ was on the new Madden game,” Brantley points out. “It came out way early, so we got a chance to play it live some. And you know, the response from that’s been unbelievable,” he adds.

“The response on ‘The Weekend’ has been unbelievable,” he says as well of his current top-20 single. “We’re having some fun with it, and yeah, you get a chance to try some of the stuff that’s upcoming.”

Brantley kicks off his 2017 dates February 2 in Reading, Pennsylvania with Tucker Beathard and Luke Combs warming up the crowd.

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