It’s All in the Family in Maddie & Tae’s New Comic Video for “Shut Up and Fish”

CMA/Image Group LA

Maddie & Tae’s new video for “Shut Up and Fish” just may get as much attention as the CMA-winning clip that put them on the map. Just like their debut, “Girl in a Country Song,” it puts their sense of humor front-and-center and makes a man the butt of their joke. This time, however, the foil is Tae’s brother Mason Dye.

“I knew my brother was perfect. He’s a great character actor, and he could completely pull off that kinda guy, even though he grew up fishing like I did,” she tells Billboard.

“One of the best things about video is you can say things with humor that need saying, and it’s OK. Our parents were all about you stand up for yourselves… You can do whatever you dream, and you don’t need a boy to go fishing or be whole. Funny thing is: I don’t think any of our parents realized they were feeding our songwriting,” Tae jokes.

The video for “Shut Up and Fish” plays out the same comic scenario laid out in the song, with one important twist — Mason talks so much, Maddie & Tae eventually camouflage themselves and shoot a hole in his boat. In the end, he does claim the final laugh, emerging from his sinking ship to take a shirtless selfie. You can check out the new clip now on YouTube.

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