Jake Owen Completes His 4-Day Trek Aboard the Love Bus, Manages to Shoot Music Video Along the Way

RCA Records

Jake Owen’s trek from Nashville, Tennessee to Key West, Florida to promote his new single, “American Country Love Song,” is now in the history books. Along the way, he not only engaged fans via social media and met some of them, he also managed to shoot the video for the song during his four days of travel.

“Man, this road trip has been a blast and it’s really changed my life,” he reflects. “It showed me that when you can make people smile, it’s inspiring. I hope everyone we met along the way felt the joy that I felt. We made this Love Bus road trip together,” he says, referring to his 1966 Volkswagen. “For a few days, we made life our playground and we shared moments I’ll never forget. It was awesome!”

You can check out the video Jake posted on YouTube once he’d reached his destination. This weekend, you can relive his meet-up with CMT’s Katie Cook on Hot 20 Countdown. It premieres Saturday at 9 a.m. ET and then repeats Sunday at the same time.

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