Jake Owen Gets Real, Preps for Headlining Tour

RCA Nashville

After a particularly tough year, Jake Owen says his most recent single, “Real Life,” is a sign of what’s to come from him musically.

“People can expect more of me. I’ve been through a lot recently, and I’m not by any means going to change my vibe or the way that I’ve made music for a while,” he tells Rolling Stone, “but [I’ll include] songs that are more relatable on a life level.”  This summer, Jake announced his split from his wife of three years, Lacey Buchanan. The two share a two-year-old who’ll celebrate her birthday in November, his little girl Pearl.

Having previously been out on some of the biggest tours in the business, Jake says he also is setting his sights on his own headlining tour.

“It’s been a great processing point to be with guys like Kenny [Chesney] or Tim [McGraw] on tour. It’s like going to school,” he reflects. “You don’t go to school and become a lawyer or a doctor overnight. I’m sort of out here doing my residency, until I’m ready to open my own practice.” Jake believes 2016 will likely be the year for that, with his new album out in the spring as well.

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