Jason Aldean Ready to Take on the World with His Latest Hit, “Gonna Know We Were Here”

Broken Bow Records

Jason Aldean‘s latest hit, “Gonna Know We Were Here,” encourages his listeners to make the most out of life for the short of amount of time they’re here.

Says Jason, “‘Gonna Know We Were Here’ is that type of song where it’s like, we might not be here very long, but we’re going to make the best of it while we are. And by the time we leave we’re going to make some noise and people are going to remember us.”

According to Jason, the alternative to living a meaningful life isn’t that appealing.

He adds, “You know, you don’t want to feel like you rolled through life, and when it’s over, like, nobody cares. You want to leave your mark.”

“Gonna Know We Were Here” is the latest single from Jason’s current album, Old Boots, New Dirt.

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