Jennifer Nettles Promises the Emotion of “Unlove You” and the Sass of “Sugar” on Her New Album, “Playing with Fire”

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With its first single now climbing the chart, Jennifer Nettles‘ sophomore album Playing with Fire is on the way in May. Though most of us have only heard a couple of tracks from the record, the female half of Sugarland says that’s a pretty good indication of what we can expect from the rest of the record.

“The emotion and gut of ‘Unlove You’ and the sass of ‘Sugar’ are two good examples,” she says, naming the first single and the song she sang at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Jennifer compares Playing with Fire and its production by Dann Huff with the sound of her first solo effort, That Girl. “Where That Girl was more sparse and organic, this record is much more lush, layered, full, bigger sound,” she says. “And it’s a lot of fun, and a lot of heart to it too. It has a lot of highs and lows at the same time.”

Looking back, Jennifer admits she might’ve been a bit distracted when she made the earlier record, as she’d just given birth to her son Magnus back in 2012.

“I feel like I have a lot more to say on this record than I did on That Girl, just because at that point, I had a five-month-old kid, you know, when I recorded that record, so I was under a bit of a veil at that time. And I feel like I have kind of come out and surfaced with all cylinders firing.”

You can check out the full throttle version of Jennifer Nettles when Playing with Fire is released May 13, both in stores and online.

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