Jennifer Nettles Reveals She Was Handpicked by Dolly Parton for “Coat of Many Colors” Role


Jennifer Nettles was handpicked by Dolly Parton to play the role of Dolly’s mother in the upcoming TV movie Coat of Many Colors. The decision was made while Dolly was watching audition tapes with the movie producers.

Jennifer tells ABC Radio, “What they told me was that Dolly saw my reading and that towards the end of it she was emotional and moved and said, ‘Yes, that is my mom.’ So, I love hearing that.”

While she has met Dolly a few times, Jennifer is looking forward to working with the country superstar to flesh out the role of Avie Lee Parton.

“I’m interested just to ask [Dolly] about how [her mother] was from a personality standpoint,” Jennifer says as she prepares to start filming. “You can get some things from the script, but some things are able to be interpreted, and I want to interpret those the right way. What kind of levity did she have and when? Was she very loud? Was she very reserved?”

Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors will premiere on NBC this holiday season.

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