Jerrod Niemann Looking to Record “Perfect Country Songs” for His Fourth Studio Album

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Jerrod Niemann is on a quest to keep his music fresh on his upcoming fourth studio album. That’s why he’s digging deep in his fellow songwriters’ catalogs to find unique songs.

“We asked writers for songs that they think people have missed,” Jerrod tells Rolling Stone. “Not just the flavors of the month, but the perfect country songs.”

That search for different-sounding material comes from Jerrod’s desire to mix things up and try new things with every album.  He adds, “I always want to do what everyone else isn’t. If you have a bottle of ketchup, why do you want another bottle of ketchup? Get some mustard or relish or something.”

You can expect a lot of rock sounds on Jerrod’s upcoming album, which doesn’t yet have an exact release date. The lead single, “Blue Bandana,” is now available at all digital outlets.

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