Joe Nichols Reveals the Best Thing He Ever Did to Protect His Voice

Red Bow Records

Joe Nichols has one of the richest voices in country music, and he’s sharing a few tips on how he keeps his instrument in tip-top shape.

“Don’t smoke!” Joe tells the Las Vegas Sun. “When I was younger, I though it was cool. The wisest thing I’ve ever done besides marrying my wife is quit smoking.”

Joe also limits how much he talks before his shows and uses proper breathing techniques he’s learned over the years.

As for the quality of his voice, Joe admits it has changed since he first hit the country scene 13 years ago.

He explains, “It’s more about control now than trying to hit every lick and over-singing. My voice has matured in 13 years. It’s deeper, and I’ve learned to hold out notes, not go high and low but singing with more emphasis and keeping it pleasant.”

You can check out Joe’s stellar voice on his brand-new single, “Freaks Like Me.” It’s the lead release from Joe’s upcoming studio album, expected out in 2016.

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