Jon Pardi Getting Unreleased Songs Out to His Fans on New EP, “The B Sides 2011-2014”

Image Courtesy UMG Nashville

Jon Pardi is busy working on the follow up to his 2014 debut album, Write You a Song, but he had a few unreleased tracks from that first project he really wanted to share with the fans. That’s why he’s releasing the six-song EP, The B Sides 2011 – 2014, to all digital outlets this week.

Jon tells ABC Radio, “I thought it’d be cool if we got this little project as something to kind of give the fans in between the first and second album.”

Some of the songs on The B-Sides were written seven years ago, but Jon hasn’t gotten tired of hearing those tracks or singing them in concert.

“I’m excited to see what a fresh listen will [do],” Jon says. “You never know what song’s gonna be a fan favorite or something.”

Here’s The B Sides 2011-2014 track listing:

“Fightin’ the Fool”
“Over My Head”
“Drinkin’ with Me”
“Back on the Backroads”
“Rainy Night Song”
“Borrowed Time”

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