Jon Pardi’s Poolside Pedigree: If You Fall “Head Over Boots,” He Can Save You

Capitol Nashville

Judging from the cover of his California Sunrise album, you might never guess that Jon Pardi has a Baywatch chapter in his history.  But the cowboy-hat-and-boots-wearing hitmaker once made a living poolside.

“I had it made in the lifeguard days, man!” he laughs. “Because I just had one pool and I just stayed in the sun all day and they brought the kids in and out. So, it’s pre-K through eighth grade. I was at a private school, and I was the lifeguard for summer camp!”

While it may be easy to envision red Speedos, white sand and Baywatch-worthy rescues, Jon confesses his days in the sun weren’t nearly that glamorous.

“One kid fell in, but he popped right out of there!” he recalls. “He was lining up and he like, slipped in the pool, but he knew how to swim. Thank God, we never had to do anything! So it made it nice. The kids were pretty smart. It wasn’t a huge pool, but you still gotta be careful. It was more like, ‘No running and no diving and no yelling!’” he jokes.  

This week, the biggest hit of Jon’s career so far, “Head Over Boots,” checks in at number three on the country charts, as it closes in on number one.

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