Josh Turner Explores the “Deep South” on His New Record

MCA Nashville

With his top-25 hit “Hometown Girl” now climbing the chart, Josh Turner is ready to expand on that theme with his new album, which will be called Deep South.

The South Carolina native’s 11-track collection continues to explore his roots and reflect the folks around him — what he calls, “hardworking people who find joy in the simple things in life:  heritage, church, community, high school sports, being outdoors.” He adds, “It is a culture.”

At the same time, the man who broke through with “Long Black Train” in 2003 believes you’ll also hear something fresh on his sixth studio album.  

“It was really important for me to expand creatively and explore in new ways for this record,” Josh reflects. “The way I pick songs is different now. There are so many things in my life and career that have matured me as an artist. I’ve had another child since my last project!”

Here’s the complete track listing for Deep South, which will be out March 10:

“Deep South”
“All About You”
“Hometown Girl”
“Beach Bums”
“Southern Drawl”
“Where the Girls Are”
“Never Had a Reason”
“One Like Mine”
“Lay Low”
“Hawaiian Girl”

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