Junk Food or Juicing?: Maddie & Tae Look Forward to the Food on the Brad Paisley Tour


Sure, Maddie & Tae are about to kick off one of the hottest tours of the summer tonight with Brad Paisley — but what the bubbly duo is really excited about is the food.

“We are big fans of food,” Maddie Marlowe confesses, “and if the catering is as good as everyone says, we are really excited about that because, you know, we’re kinda running and going all different places while we’re on tour and so to have like really good food is so awesome. We had great food on the Dierks tour too,” she says of the pair’s jaunt last year with Dierks Bentley.

As it turns out, the two suspect Brad may be a bit of a health nut on the road.

“They have a juicer on the Paisley tour,” Maddie says. 

“Yeah we’ve heard that he keeps it fairly healthy with the juicer and everything so maybe we’ll get to work out a little bit,” Tae adds.

“Who are we kidding? We’re just gonna eat like all of the cookies,” Maddie jokes.

“I know, right?” Tae interjects. “I’m gonna say that I’m gonna juice every day and then eat brownies!” 

Whether it’s sweets or smoothies, the craft service opens tonight in Sacramento, California, as Maddie & Tae kick off the Life Amplified World Tour with Brad and Tyler Farr. While you can be sure they’ll do their new single, “Sierra,” you might also get to hear one or both of them sing Demi Lovato‘s part on Brad’s new duet, “Without a Fight.”

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