Justin Moore Adjusts to Being a Seasoned Veteran on the Road

Image Courtesy Valory Music Co.

Justin Moore released his debut single just seven years ago, but he’s already starting to hear from new acts who have drawn on his music for inspiration. At just 31 years old, Justin’s adjusting to being the seasoned veteran on tours with up-and-coming country singers.

Speaking of influencing other young musicians, Justin tells Billboard, “I don’t think that any of us start out to be that. We still think of ourselves as looking up to whoever we did. But it definitely makes you feel good and is humbling to hear that kind of stuff.”

Justin is taking the entire “elder statesman” role in stride, though.  He says with a laugh, “I asked my wife, ‘When did I get to be the old guy?”

Look for Justin to release new music very soon.

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