Justin Moore: “Today the Eagles Would Be Countrier Than Anything on Country Radio”

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Like lots of folks these days, Justin Moore is disappointed he’ll never get to see the most iconic lineup of the Eagles play live, after the passing of founding member Glenn Frey on Monday. 

“I had an opportunity to go see them in Little Rock, fifteen minutes from where I live, about six months ago,” he recalls. “My buddy had, you know, VIP and great tickets and all this and that, and my wife and I couldn’t find a babysitter,” the father of three says. “So we didn’t go and I’ve not ever seen ’em live. Selfishly, I’m like, ‘Oh, man!’… So bummed out.”

During their heyday, it’s no doubt Frey and company were a rock band who wasn’t afraid to tip their hats to country music. But if songs like “Take It Easy” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling” were coming out today, Justin believes they’d be played right alongside his.

“I’m a huge Eagles fan. You know, I think my favorite rock and roll bands were the guys that you look at nowadays and if they’d come out now, they’d be on country radio — and probably be countrier than anything on country radio, you know, like those guys. Their harmonies were so good, I mean just great songs. Yeah, it’s sad man.” 

Justin recently shot the video for his latest hit, “You Look Like I Need a Drink,” in Los Angeles. It’s the lead single from his new album he’s working on finishing now.

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