Kacey Musgraves Explains Why She Refused to Do a Radio Edit for “Biscuits”

Mercury Nashville

Interest is high in Kacey Musgraves‘ sophomore album, Pageant Material, due out June 23, but the lead single, “Biscuits,” has yet to break into the top 40 at country radio. That chart position might have something to do with the line “Pissing in my yard ain’t gonna make yours any greener,” which her label suggested she change to “spitting my yard” for the radio version. Kacey refused.

She tells Rolling Stone, “People are so worried about offending that they water down everything. Come to a show, and that’s the line everyone loves. Don’t take that away from me!”

No matter how “Biscuits” fares on country radio, Kacey is sure to have people talking about Pageant Material. She’s hosting an album launch party at a Nashville gay club, Play, next week to promote the album.

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