Kacey Musgraves OK with “Not Being the Biggest Superstar on the Planet”

Nino Munoz

Kacey Musgraves is on the cover of Redbook‘s July issue. Inside, she explains why she doesn’t worry about people getting upset with her lyrics sharing her support of marijuana usage and equality for the LGBT community.

She says, “I’ve come to conclusion that people are always going to find a way to be offended about something, and it’s almost like they want to be.  I won’t be everybody’s cup of tea.  I’ve found peace in that.  I’m cool with not being the biggest superstar on the planet.  I don’t let people’s approval make or break what I’m doing.”

Kacey isn’t a wild child on the road, though. In fact, her life as a touring country singer is pretty low-key.

“I think the craziest thing we do is venture out and find a Thai place on Yelp that we’ve never been to,” says Kacey.  “We might jam a little bit and have some wine.”

As for her stint as an opening act with Katy Perry last year, Kacey says the pop star is just as you would expect her to be in real life.

“I mean, she’s got major balls,” Kacey tells Redbook. “You can put this on the record: I’ve seen Katy Perry’s proverbial balls.  She’s had some doors slammed in her face, and it’s cool to see that if you keep doing what you think is good, it will work out.”

Redbook‘s July issue is on sale June 23, the same day as Kacey’s sophomore album, Pageant Material.

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