Kacey Musgraves wants you to share a #LoveSong

ABC/Paula Lobo

Valentine’s Day may’ve passed, but Kacey Musgraves is still hoping you’ll share the love.

She’s encouraging fans to post a photo via the Cheerity app, along with the #LoveSong. For every picture shared, a download will be donated to the non-profit Music & Memory.

A #LoveSong that I love is my song ‘Late to the Party,'” the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter shared, along with a snapshot with her grandfather. “[It] kind of reminds me of this moment with my grandpa when we were rushing to the red carpet. I dedicate this song to him, Darrell Musgraves,” she added.

The Music & Memory program helps Alzheimer’s and dementia patients by helping them access their past through the power of song.  

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