Kane Brown previews a new love song, and hints that there’s more where that came from

ABC/Image Group LA – By the looks of his social media presence, Kane Brown’s planning on making 2021 a big year for new music. This week, the singer offered a teaser of a new song, possibly titled “Nothin’ Bout Loving You I’d Change.”

In a video post, the singer dances and lip-syncs along to a snippet of the track, a big smile on his face. In his Instagram stories, Kane took that teaser one step further, posting a longer clip of the unreleased song.

“There you were, walkin’ in / Perfect strangers when we met / Turned to lovers as the time moved on / We were wild, we were crazy / We were reckless, we were babies / Now we’re right here raising one of our own,” Kane sings in the new track.

It seems as if the song will tell a fairly autobiographical story, as a love song dedicated to Kane’s real-life wife, Katelyn, a nd their young daughter, Kingsley.

In addition to giving fans a taste of the unreleased tune, Kane hinted that there might be more to come.

“Blow this up [and] I’ll preview another one tomorrow,” he wrote. “We ready for 2021.”

By Carena Liptak
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