Kane Brown’s quick to give Lauren Alaina credit for their #1 — but he’s not so sure she deserves a gift

Alex Alvga

It’s a week to celebrate for Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina, as their duet “What Ifs” stakes its claim at the top of the chart. But so far, any high-fiving the former schoolmates have been able to do has been solely over the phone.

“We just called each other,” Kane tells ABC Radio. “We hadn’t really been in town at the same time, so it’s something we’re gonna have to work on. But, yeah, we’re just super-excited. It’s her second #1 and my first, and we’re just glad we get to share it together.”

Kane is quick to give the American Idol alum much of the credit for his first chart-topper.

“I think she was huge,” Kane says, weighing her contribution to their success. “You know, she’s got a huge fan base. Her voice is incredible, and a lot of people said that our voices just [complimented] each other, so she was a huge part of it.”

When asked if a gift might be appropriate for his duet partner, Kane didn’t go quite that far.

“I don’t know. If she buys me something, I’ll buy her something. I ain’t gonna go first, though!”

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