Keith Urban Previews Hall of Fame Exhibit While Working on New Record

Capitol Records

Friday in Nashville, you can get your first look at Keith Urban’s new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Even though he’s busy working to finish his forthcoming, eighth album, the Aussie superstar took time to give fans a glimpse at what “Keith Urban So Far…” has in store. In some ways, he says it’s a travelogue of how he made it from “Down Under” to the States.

“It’s really capturing a lot of the parts of my journey all the way up to coming to America and being here. I’ve now been here for 23 years in Nashville. But the exhibit’s gonna have things like a lot of the records I listened to growing up, Don Williams records, Dolly Parton records, Johnny Cash. You’ll see on the back of those records ‘Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee,’ so when I was a kid growing up in Australia, I thought that’s where you go to make records,” he laughs. “So I always wanted to live in Nashville.”

Keith says you’ll also get to see many of his most used and treasured guitars.

“There’s a lot of other things in the exhibit too, of course — instruments I played for many, many, many years that have been all over records and tours and so forth, lots of items of clothing, a lot of which my dad made,” he says, breaking into a smile, “and just a huge amount of crazy things from my past that will show you a lot of the journey so far.”

The “Break on Me” singer is expected at the museum’s opening celebration for the exhibit on December 1. “Keith Urban So Far…” is set to run through May of next year.

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