Keith Urban Recalls How Kenny Chesney Helped Him After His Second Stint in Rehab

ABC/Randy Holmes

As Kenny Chesney was honored with BMI’s President’s Award earlier this week in Nashville, Keith Urban recalled how the superstar from East Tennessee supported him early in his career.

“The first big tour that we did together, it was the early 2000’s, I had just gotten out of my second rehab — true story,” Keith remembered. “The rehab people suggested I have my own bus, instead of traveling on the band bus. So I got my own little bus, and I was a little nervous about the whole backstage vibe, so I kinda hung on my bus and I was like a little hermit, and I didn’t go anywhere. And we did our opening thing, and then I ran back to my bus.”

Keith says after about a week, his tour mate started to suspect that something wasn’t quite right.

“I got word back Kenny’s like, ‘What the hell is wrong with this Keith Urban guy, man? What the hell, man? Who does he think he is? He just sits on his bus all day! He doesn’t come say hi, he doesn’t hang out. What the hell?’ you know?”

But what happened next would cement the two superstars’ relationship forever.

“I went over to Kenny’s bus and I sat down and we had a heart-to-heart about what I was going through, and you were just a friend, right from that moment. And it’s only stayed that way ever since. Brother, I love you! I love you Kenny!” Keith said from the stage.

Urban went on to perform Kenny’s #2 hit from 2004, “I Go Back,” as a tribute to his friend.

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