Keith Urban Unravels the “Sippin’ on the Lokos” Line in His 21st #1

Capitol Nashville

When it comes to number ones, Keith Urban officially comes of age this week, as his reminiscence about growing up, “Wasted Time,” becomes the 21st chart-topper of his career.

The Aussie superstar says the song was born out of a conversation with Canadian-born Greg Wells and Atlanta, Georgia native J. Abrahart. Even though the three grew up worlds apart, they discovered their teenage experiences were very similar. 

“It was pretty much the same, you know,” Keith recalls. “You’ve got a buddy who owns a car, so everyone’s piling into that thing on a Friday night, and you’re singing out the window and you’re sneaking out and you’re drinking and you’re smoking and you’re hanging out by the river and there’s a rope swing. We had so many things in common that the song really took off.”

If you’ve wondered exactly what the “sippin’ on the Lokos” lyric means, Keith says it was his idea, fleshed out by one of his co-writers.

“I said, ‘We’ve got to reference a drink of some sort.’ And I said to J., ‘What was like, just a nasty, cheap drink that you drank growing up?’ And he rattled off a bunch, and he said, ‘There was this one called Four Lokos, but we just used to call ’em Lokos. I said, ‘Perfect! We’re gonna be sippin’ on the Lokos!’” 

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