Keith Urban’s Hall of Fame Exhibit Reminds Him How His Perseverance Paid Off

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

When Keith Urban walked through his new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for the first time Tuesday night, he couldn’t help but be a bit taken aback by some of the things he saw– particularly a postcard he’d written to his parents when he was just a tyke in Australia.

“It’s amazing the things that my mom has kept, and to see them, some of these things I haven’t seen since I was a little kid, so it was kind of crazy. God bless her for keeping all this stuff!” he added.

The ever-humble Aussie superstar went on to say he didn’t necessarily buy that his mom preserved all the artifacts because she foresaw he was destined for greatness.

“I think she’s just a mom that was proud of her kids. I guarantee she’s got just as much stuff with my brother and his swimming and his various sporting achievements too,” he offered.

The “Break on Me” singer admitted the time capsule of his life and career couldn’t help but remind him of some tough times and how long it took for him to find success.

“Particularly with The Ranch,” he said, mentioning his former band, “and through the nineties when I sort of thought, ‘Finally, we’re signed and we’re up and running and here we go. We’re gonna get on radio.’ And it just– it never went anywhere. And you tend to kind of have a career where you pay your dues and hopefully you start to get some traction and then you get going. And that happened to me in Australia, I sort of paid all my dues and finally got going and then when I got to Nashville, it was starting all over again. So that’s an unusual feeling. It’s almost like two lives.”

Ultimately, Keith believes the display is a great reminder to stick with your dreams.

“I think it’s probably good for a lot of kids to know that sometimes it doesn’t happen quickly. You just keep going, I guess is all I ever knew to do. You just keep going. They call it a five-year town. I think it took a little longer than that for me.  But it was remarkable that people kept believing in me and that I was able to keep staying and persevering.”

You can check out “Keith Urban So Far…” at the Hall of Fame through May of next year.

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