Kelsea Ballerini Unleashes Another Side of Herself with “Peter Pan”

ABC/Image Group LA

Since every single Kelsea Ballerini has ever put out has gone to number one, the bar is set pretty high for her follow-up to “Love Me Like You Mean It” and “Dibs.” But the ACM New Female Vocalist of the Year confesses she’s never had any doubts about “Peter Pan.” In fact, she feels a little bit like it’s her secret weapon.

“It’s my favorite song on the whole album,” the 22-year-old confesses. “And honestly like, that was the song when I put the record out that I was just like, ‘That’s the song I need to get to.’ I’m so excited. That’s been like my light at the end of the tunnel. Like, let’s just get to it. I’m so excited about it!”

Kelsea’s also excited to show fans another aspect of her personality.

“It’s cool too, because I feel like ‘Dibs’ and ‘Love Me’ both have that happy, like flirty feel, which I’ve loved showing, but ‘Peter Pan’ has more of that songwriter aspect and it’s kind of more of a ballad, and it’s just going to be a different side of me that I’m excited to show,” she reveals.  

If you’d like to see Kelsea’s adventurous and glamorous sides, all you need to do is check out her new video for the song. You can watch “Peter Pan” on YouTube now.

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