Kenny Chesney Doesn’t Feel Famous When He’s Not Onstage

Sony Music Nashville

Kenny Chesney can’t help but feel like a superstar when he’s onstage playing for 50 thousand fans, but he doesn’t let that celebrity status take over his personal life. In fact, when he’s away from the spotlight, he sometimes forgets he’s a superstar.

He explains, “I don’t feel that famous, and especially when I’m offstage. I get reminded of it a lot that I am.”

Kenny makes sure the people around him don’t pull the celebrity card, either.

Says Kenny,I will not let somebody call a restaurant and say, ‘I have Kenny Chesney coming. Can we get a table? I know you’re full. I know you’re busy, but can we get in?’ It’s just, I hate that. It’s rude, and I won’t let people do that for me.”

Kenny will continue to play the rock star all summer long on his current The Big Revival tour.

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