Kenny Chesney Headed for “Some Town Somewhere” July 8

ABC/Image Group LA

Some Town Somewhere— that’s the title of the new album on the way this summer from Kenny Chesney. If you’ve ever wanted to know the superstar from East Tennessee a little better, Kenny says this is your chance.  

“In some ways, this record is more me than anything I’ve done. You get into my head, my heart and the way so much of what’s going on around all of us hits me,” he says. “Taken as a whole, this is a record about seizing life in all its forms:  the moments you wish wouldn’t end, the times that make you rethink your priorities, the simple stuff that gives us balance, a few characters at the bar and the hope that it’s all worth doing.”

On the new album, Kenny feels like he’s not only opening up, but also building on the success he’s had so far.

“Every time I go into the studio, I think it’s important to bring people into your world– and maybe give them back a piece of their own world in the process,” he reflects. “So much is happening so fast, we get caught up and forget some of the best stuff is what we’re rushing through.”

He adds, “I’ve had some of the very best songs, songs that really meant something to people and we went interesting places musically. But that sets the bar higher every time. I don’t want to repeat– and I want to grow as an artist. It’s a lot harder than you’d think.”

Recorded in both Nashville and Los Angeles, the album features the lead single, “Noise,” as well as another track with Oscar nominee Allison Moorer joining Kenny on a song she co-wrote. Some Town Somewhere comes out July 8.

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