Kenny Chesney Looking Forward to Breaking His Strict Diet Once The Big Revival Tour Wraps Up

Sony Music Nashville

Kenny Chesney never stops moving during his high-energy concerts, but he can’t keep that up if he’s had a huge meal. That’s why Kenny is disciplined about restricting his diet to mostly chicken and vegetables when he’s on tour. Don’t worry that Kenny is missing out on more indulgent fare during the fall and winter, though.

He says, “If I’m off the road, and it’s in the fall and I’m watching football, I’m like everybody else. I’ll eat a bag of Doritos sitting watching football all day on Sunday, or whatever it is. I take that time off the road to drink a few beers and just eat.”

As a native of East Tennessee, Kenny grew up eating classic Southern fried chicken and big casseroles.

He adds, “Everything we did revolved around food. So, that’s not left me. It’s part of my insanity, ’cause I still want to do that, but I can’t [when I’m touring].”

So, what does Kenny like to chow down on in the fall? He admits he’s got a weakness for cheese, pasta and chocolate. Kenny likes to wash all that down with a glass of red wine.

It’s safe to say none of those indulgent items will be on the menu when Kenny is getting ready for his show at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California this Saturday night.

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