Kenny Chesney reveals why he didn’t do a video for “Bar at the End of the World”

ABC/Image Group LA

As Kenny Chesney’s latest single, “Bar at the End of the World,” ascends to the top 10, he’s just finished a new video for another song, the album track “Rich and Miserable.”

“I think there’s so much more to what goes on a record than radio can play and some songs need to be heard,” Kenny says of his decision to film a music video for a song that won’t be a single.

“For ‘Rich and Miserable,’ it felt like it was addressing so many of the things we’re sold and told — about what makes us happy, or we’re supposed to want, or are expected to do,” he continues. “I didn’t want that message getting lost, so we decided to skip a video on some of the singles and do this instead,” he explains.

In the clip, actor John C. McGinley plays a college professor who starts a lecture on the topic, “Rich and Miserable.” He goes on to challenge his students to figure out what they could give to the world, to change the word “miserable” to “joyful.”

You can check out Kenny’s new music video on YouTube now.  

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