Kenny Chesney shows his Love for Love City one more time, helps rescue the last dogs and cats stranded by Hurricane Irma

Allister Ann

In the wake of devastation left behind in the Virgin Islands by Hurricane Irma, many beloved pets were left to fend for themselves. Earlier this week, Kenny Chesney’s Love for Love City fund was able to transport the last ones to safety.

On Tuesday evening, around one hundred dogs and cats were airlifted from the Animal Care Center in St. John to no-kill shelters in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas. It’s a cause that’s close to Kenny’s heart.

“If you’ve ever loved a dog or cat,” the superstar says, “the idea of these poor animals who can’t find their people… who are struggling to find food… some of whom need medicine… It breaks your heart. To me, if we can’t find their owners, we can find them love. That’s what Love for Love City is all about.”

With no power and limited access to food and water, many pet owners were forced to leave their animals behind.  But Love for Love City was able to evacuate some dogs and cats along with their caretakers.  

Kenny Chesney first went to the Virgin Islands two decades ago, falling so in love with the climate and the people he eventually found himself living as a local. He created the Love for Love City fund as a centralized charity to help the area recover from Hurricane Irma.

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