Kenny Chesney’s “Noise” Proves His Instincts Are Right

ABC/Image Group LA

With Kenny Chesney’s new single, “Noise,” debuting in the top 30 just a few days after it was released, it’s just proof the superstar’s instincts were right. Originally, he’d chosen another song as the first taste of his forthcoming album.

“Sometimes as a writer, you sense the urgency of what you’re saying,” he reflects. “I knew how many hours of work had gone into setting up the album and the single. I also felt in my gut ‘Noise’ was a song people were hungry to hear someone say.”

Kenny was actually on his way to a marketing meeting about the planned first single when he started writing “Noise” with songwriter Shane McAnally.

 “We had a really smart, really interesting single musically and topically,” Kenny says of his original choice. “But when ‘Noise’ rolled out and Shane and I were almost done before we got off the phone, I knew it was special. And real, and everything people are contending with. This response tells me my instinct was right.”

“Noise” makes its initial appearance on the Billboard Country Singles chart at number 21. While Kenny hasn’t revealed the title of his next album yet, he says he expects it will be out sometime this summer.

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