Kimberly Perry Goes From Light to Dark to Release The Band Perry’s New Single, “Comeback Kid”

UMG Nashville

Not only is The Band Perry back with their first new single in a year — Kimberly Perry is also returning with a completely new look. She’s gone from blonde to brunette to match her brothers.

“I went brunette because it was really important to the three of us,” she explains. “We love how the visuals tie into the themes in our music. And ‘Comeback Kid’ is all about solidarity and having each other’s back and sticking it out together. And so I was like, ‘Well, either ya’ll are gonna have to go platinum blonde, or I’m gonna have to go darker.’ So I won the toin coss,” she misspeaks. “Lost the coin toss. The toin coss?” she laughs.

The older Perry sibling admits it took a couple tries to get it right.

“It took a few visits — ladies, you’ll understand this — to get like the right shade. You know, you start out one shade, you’ve got to add the highlights.”

“Fifty shades of brunette?” Neil Perry jokes.

“Yeah, fifty shades of brunette!” Kimberly agrees. “And my second trip, my own hairstylist didn’t recognize me in the chair. She went around the whole salon looking for me.”

During the news conference introducing their new music in Nashville, The Band Perry also took advantage of the chance to donate the $25,000 they won on ABC’s Family Feud to Teen Cancer America.

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