Kip Moore Casts His Fans as Extras in Dramatic New “Running for You” Video

MCA Nashville

Kip Moore‘s dramatic new video for “Running for You” just may leave you scratching your head. But if that’s the case, Kip says that’s okay, because it likely means he accomplished what he set out to do — tell a story about the complexities of unconditional love.

“We tried to convey in the video…the same thing I had in my head of, these are two people that are in agreeance of, ‘Hey I love and care about you, but go do what you’ve gotta go do. And I know that’s gonna mean that we might not be together.’ At the same time, it’s a video that’s meant to capture the recognition of how rare that is in two people, realizing, ‘Wait a minute, maybe this means more than what I’m after.'”

Filmed on a freezing day after the first of the year in Music City, some of Kip’s fans actually got to be in the video after he offered them the chance on Twitter

“We got a few to come down for the scene we shot here actually in the city of Nashville. They came down and they were great,” he recalls. “We joked around with them and hung out with them. It was just supposed to be a crowded, big city, sidewalk scene. They came down and hung out with us for that portion. It definitely was fun. I definitely talked to all of them, and got to hang out with them for a bit.”  

This week, Kip takes his Wild Ones tour to Canada, before heading out later this year on Miranda Lambert‘s Keeper of the Flame dates with Brothers Osborne.

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