Kip Moore Explains How “Braveheart” Inspired His New Album Cover, “Wild Ones”

MCA Nashville

Kip Moore threw subtlety out the window when he came up with the neon-colored album cover for his new project, Wild Ones. In the cover photo, Kip is seen raising his hand in the air while screaming defiantly. The photograph is accented with bold neon yellows and reds and blues to create a visually stunning image.

“It sticks out doesn’t it?” Kip tells ABC Radio with a laugh. “I feel like I’ve been that way with everything. With the music, with everything I’ve done and do. With videos. I never want to be in the trend of whatever the trend is.”

As you can hear in his latest single, “I’m to Blame,” Kip isn’t always the most easygoing, happy-go-lucky guy in the room. Therefore, he didn’t want to just plaster a photo of his smiling face on the Wild Ones album cover.

Says Kip, “The truth is, I’m not always happy. If you go to a show, you’re going to feel that angst. I feel like, with me, I got kicked in the teeth for so long. This has been such a hard-fought journey. That bleeds through me in the music. It bleeds through me in the live show.”

Kip also took some inspiration from one of the big screen’s most celebrated warriors when choosing the look for the Wild Ones cover.

“The colors kind of represent war to me. Not necessarily war, but the fight. You know, the blood,” Kip explains. “I was almost kinda thinking [of] William Wallace, Braveheart. Just that fight to get what he wanted.”

Kip’s hard fight pays off this Friday when Wild Ones goes on sale. Kip has teamed up with CMT and Vevo to release five videos from the album this week. The series kicked off Monday with a clip for the title track.

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