Kip Moore Threw Out a Full Album Before Going on to Record His Sophomore Project, “Wild Ones”

MCA Nashville

Kip Moore‘s sophomore album, Wild Ones, is now on sale, but it’s not exactly the follow-up to his hit 2012 debut album, Up All Night. Kip actually had a full album recorded more than a year ago, but he decided to scrap most of that material when the single from that project, “Dirt Road,” stalled at radio. That setback meant Kip’s album would be delayed for nearly another year, but he never stopped writing new songs during that time.

Kip tells ABC Radio, “All of a sudden, I got to a different place in my life mentally, as a writer. Everything changed. The things around me on the road were changing. The things that I was going through was changing.”

Those changes meant Kip wasn’t connecting with the material he had recorded for that completed album, so he decided to start over from scratch. A few songs survived that starting over process, including the lead single from Wild Ones, “I’m to Blame.”

Says Kip, “It was more about just capturing where I was at at that particular time.”

Since Kip is a big fan of road-testing songs before he puts them on an album, it’s been extremely difficult for him to avoid playing every song on Wild Ones in concert. He held back a few songs just to give his diehard fans a surprise when they started listening to the new album. Some of those unheard songs include the titles “Complicated, “Girl of Summer,” “Burn the Whole World Down” and “What You Got On Tonight.”

If you fell in love with Kip’s debut album, Up All Night, you should know he didn’t set out to make a carbon copy of that project with Wild Ones.

Kip says, “I already wrote that record. It’s over.”

Kip heads out on the Wild Ones tour starting October 8 in Pennsylvania.

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