Kip Moore’s Defiant Attitude on “I’m to Blame” Inspired by His Late Father

Image Courtesy MCA Nashville

Kip Moore is open about his stubborn ways in his defiant new single, “I’m to Blame,” and it turns out that kind of behavior runs in his family. There’s a line in the song — “I come from a long line of bloodline that ain’t gonna change” — that was inspired by Kip’s late father, who was quite a character.

“He was the last of a dying breed,” Kip tells ABC Radio. “He was a gritty, down-and-dirty kinda guy. He would fight at the drop of a hat. Could be mean as a snake, but could also be the kindest, sweetest-hearted guy alive. But he had that kind of thing about him where people kinda either loved or hated him, and he didn’t apologize about it.”

Kip tapped into that stubborn spirit to write “I’m to Blame” during a frustrating time in his career. Instead of changing his music to fit country’s evolving sound, Kip says, “I didn’t want to ever sell out the kind of music that I felt like I was supposed to make just because certain stuff was trending. [‘I’m to Blame’] was kind of my fist in the air saying, ‘I’m gonna do things my way, and I’ll die my own sword.'”

Regardless of how “I’m to Blame” fares on the country chart, Kip is proud to stick to his own rocking brand of country music. On a larger scale, Kip thinks it’s time more people grew a backbone and stood up for their beliefs in everyday life.

He says, “Everybody wants to fit in and be liked and be politically correct, and this song is kind of the opposite of all that. It’s like, ‘This is who I am. Take it or leave it.'”

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