Kristian Bush Unveils New Theme for TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”

BBR Music Group

Our first taste of Kristian Bush’s new music for his new record label also happens to be the new theme for TLC’s long-running show Say Yes to the Dress.

“I hope when you hear ‘Forever Now (Say Yes)’ that it feels like joy, like confetti and promises,” the male half of Sugarland says of his new song. “That it feels like courage against the odds, love blowing with the wind… I hope that if you are celebrating the giant leap of getting married, that ‘Forever Now’ becomes a part of your soundtrack,” he tells TLC.

You’ll also see Kristian on the show in the coming weeks, as his guitar tech’s fiancée is featured in one of the episodes of season 14.

“If you are like me — on the outside looking in — I hope that you feel the wonder of love when you hear me singing, and know that behind the lyrics, between breaths, I am wishing that love will sweep me up someday, too,” he adds. “And if you are 13 years old with your guitar in front of your television learning to play, I hope this song helps.”

You can check out a new video for the song filmed in Kristian’s Atlanta, Georgia studio, interspersed with footage from Say Yes to the Dress. “Forever Now (Say Yes)” also is available to download now via all the typical outlets.

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