Lee Ann Womack’s Daughter Aubrie Sellers Brings Her Garage Country to “Nashville”

Thirty Tigers/Carnival Recording Company

If you were listening closely during Wednesday night’s episode of ABC’s Nashville, you might’ve noticed a familiar-sounding voice. As The ExesScarlett O’Connor and Gunnar Scott, fought before going onstage, a song called “Sit Here and Cry” played in the background. If it sounded a little like Lee Ann Womack — well, there’s a good reason why. It’s one of the tracks from her daughter Aubrie Sellers’ debut album.  

“It’s one of the sarcastic songs on the record, where it sounds like a downer, but if you listen to it, it’s clearly not. It’s sarcastic and it’s driving and it’s energetic,” she says of the song.

If you wonder exactly what kind of music Aubrie makes — she calls it garage country.

“I was trying to describe it to someone and I had just been calling it country, but I never felt like it really described it. You know, it’s country or it’s Americana or it’s alt-country. But I didn’t feel like — I wanted something that more specifically described what it was. And I was talking about, ‘Well I love rock, you know, and sort of that garage, trashy sound.’ And then I was like, ‘Well let’s just call it garage country!'” she laughs.  

Aubrie’s first album, New City Blues, is available now.

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