Lee Brice Opens Up About the Close Friend Who Inspired His Latest Single, “That Don’t Sound Like You”

Curb Records

Lee Brice wrote his latest single, “That Don’t Sound Like You,” after watching a close friend lose herself due to some bad romantic relationships.  Lee describes the woman as “a best friend that was the most alive and positive and secure person that I’d ever known.” While in those relationships, Lee and the woman didn’t keep in close contact, and he was shocked at how she was doing when they reconnected.

He explains, “By the time I ended up seeing her again, she was a completely different person, and I saw what these relationships had done to her. You know, it took a while for me to pull her back to her old self. I guess that’s just what this song is really about.”

“That Don’t Sound Like You” is the latest single from Lee’s studio album, I Don’t Dance, available now.

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