Let the snark begin! Blake Shelton’s status as “People”‘s Sexiest Man Alive gets Twitter talking


Blake Shelton’s never been shy about voicing his opinions on social media, and now that People has proclaimed him its Sexiest Man Alive, the Twitter-verse seems to be matching wits with him.

“Blake Shelton isn’t even the sexiest man at this Waffle House,” @kittykaresless quipped.

“Blake Shelton is sexy if you like a guy who’s always about to lean in and tell you about hearty, healthy, American dog food,” Louis Virtel tweeted.

Ira Madison III even brought the Oklahoma native’s significant other into it:  Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are like a long-running CBS show that I have no idea who’s watching but here’s season 24 and wasn’t he David Caruso at one point.”

The “I’ll Name the Dogs” hitmaker isn’t lacking for supporters, though — and some of them are pretty high-profile.

“Hey @BlakeShelton …” former Sexiest Man Alive Hugh Jackman advised, “take it from me … humble only gets you so far. Milk the sexy status for ALL it’s worth. The reign goes all too quickly…”

Blake Shelton’s fans know that’s advice he no doubt will heed.

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