Little Big Town: “We Wouldn’t Leave Country for Nothin’!”

ABC/Byron Cohen

If you’re thinking Little Big Town has done lots of dabbling outside country music lately — well, you’re right. The foursome teamed up with pop/R&B sensation Pharrell Williams for their admittedly non-country new album, Wanderlust, and they’ve popped up on ABC’s Greatest Hits performing mainstream hits like Oasis’s “Wonderwall” and Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’.”

But if you suspect the crossover success of “Girl Crush” has the CMA Vocal Group of the Year thinking they’d like to leave their home genre, the band defiantly says you’re dead wrong.

“We wouldn’t leave country music for nothin’!” Kimberly Schlapman asserts.

“And I don’t think it would leave us either,” Phillip Sweet interjects. “It’s in our bones.”

“Our greatest pride is being Grand Ole Opry members, so we wouldn’t know how to be pop stars!” Karen Fairchild asserts, as all four break into laughter.

With all they’ve got going on these days, Kimberly says she and her bandmates have become master multitaskers.

“The interesting thing about this Pharrell record is that we are making our country record with Jay Joyce, we’re on tour with Luke [Bryan]… So it’s all happening at the same time,” she reveals.

“It’s all mixed up,” Phillip agrees.

Tonight, you can catch Little Big Town adding one more item to their to-do list. They’re on Greatest Hits at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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