Little Big Town’s Fancy Evening Wear Survived Their Underwater “Pain Killer” Shoot

Capitol Nashville

Little Big Town traveled to the Caribbean to film their new video for “Pain Killer.” In the clip, the band performs the song underwater while dressed in formal wear. Luckily, the fancy duds survived the dunk.

LBT’s Karen Fairchild says, “Kimberly and I had on, like, full gowns and then we got into the water. They were brand-new. Yeah, they revived pretty well out of the chlorine and the ocean water. They did well.”

Phillip Sweet and Jimi Westbrook‘s tailored suits made it through the shoot, but the guitar they played underwater had to be thrown out. The shoot also demanded some heavy-duty makeup on Kimberly and Karen.

Says Karen, “We had some waterproof [makeup] , like, seriously set. It didn’t move. There was only one take of going in and then we were in. You know, that was it.”

“Pain Killer” is the title cut from Little Big Town’s latest studio album, out now.

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