Little Big Town’s “Wanderlust” Takes Them Outside Country

Capitol Nashville

If you’re waiting to hear the country tunes on Little Big Town’s eight-song collaboration with The Voice’s Pharrell Williams, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.

“It’s not a country record,” Karen Fairchild tells Billboard of the band’s new project Wanderlust. “It’s not like anything we’ve ever done. It’s fun to be spontaneous and put it out there to the fans… and not to overthink it… because it has brought us a lot of joy… It’s just music, you know?”

At the same time, Little Big Town is back in the studio with Jay Joyce, who’s produced their last few country albums.

Wanderlust is due June 10. The band confesses they have hopes of one day performing the first single, “One of These Days,” with Pharrell on the Grand Ole Opry stage.

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