LOCASH Accidentally Stumbles Into the Shipwrecked Wine Business

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These days, more and more country artists like Zac Brown and LOCASH are becoming winemakers. And even though LOCASH may be experiencing their first major hit with “I Love This Life,” it turns out their entry into the wine game was quite accidental.

“We’re just winos, and right place, right time. We were literally drinking a glass of the zin, the red zin. And I’m not even a zin fan. And I picked it up and I drank it and I was like, ‘Holy cow, Preston, you really need to try this,” Chris Lucas says. “This is a fantastic red. And the owner of the vineyard was standing right in front of me.”

“We had no idea it was his vineyard,” Preston Brust remembers. “He said ‘Well, that’s my wine.’ And I was like ‘What’s it feel like to own your own wine?’ And he just looked right at us and said, ‘You want to find out?'” he recalls.

Even though they might like to pretend they’re just silent partners in a line of fairly fancy wines, it turns out Preston and Chris have done their homework.

“Yeah it’s kinda like writing a song,” Chris says. “You really gotta pick the ingredients of what you want, what’s our favorite flavors and test. We have a winemaker out there in Lodi.”

“We designed the label. It’s made in Lodi, California,” Preston reveals. “The [Sierra] Mountain– is right there, you know right there by our winery, so the water comes off the mountain, underneath our vines. There’s like a river going under for life.”

And if you listen to the duo’s new single, “I Know Somebody” while sipping their vino– well, they won’t  mind at all.

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