LOCASH Fights On to Score Their Second Top Ten in a Row

Reviver Records

After a decade of struggling to make it, this week LOCASH celebrates their second top-ten country hit in a row. Through the years, Preston Brust and Chris Lucas admit they’ve learned a thing or two about perseverance.

“This is ten years in the making, this is real LOCASH, this is what we’ve always wanted to put out, starting with the title track [of our album], ‘The Fighters,’” Chris says. “I mean, I don’t think anything explains LOCASH more than that song right there…Everyone’s been through a fight, from someone being sick, very sick like cancer, or someone that’s a farmer that hasn’t got rain…You don’t give up the fight and that’s what this album is about, man. That’s exactly it. It’s LOCASH!”

On the heels of their breakthrough “I Love This Life,” Chris had no doubt what the next release should be.

“When ‘I Know Somebody’…was pitched to us — it’s one we didn’t write — and we heard it…I was like ‘I can hear this on the radio right now!’” he recalls.  

“I Know Somebody” currently sits at number eight on the charts, as the duo prepares to kick off their headlining gig on Live Nation’s Ones to Watch tour in November.

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