LOCASH Loses Their Awards Show Virginity

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It’s been quite a year for LOCASH. In the past twelve months, they scored their breakthrough hit with “I Love This Life” and both Preston Brust and Chris Lucas welcomed new little ones into their families. Wednesday night’s CMT Music Awards brought another career milestone.

“It’s the first time we have ever performed live on an awards show, so this is a first for us. This is big,” Preston said.

“I mean, I was a little nervous and then we had a bottle of wine, and I feel a little bit better now,” Chris joked. “I remember sneaking on the carpet one year, and here we are now performing, so it’s unbelievable.”

It seems the momentous occasion may’ve also made Preston a little delirious.

“I’m on the pink carpet here at the CMT Awards and I just told J.J. Watt that people keep confusing me for him. And he said, ‘Preston, it keeps happening to me too. They keep thinking I’m you,’” he said of the Houston Texans’ defensive end, who also hosted the show.

“I can see a little bit of resemblance,” Chris offered, indulging him.

“Well, he is like three stories tall! He’s massive. Yeah, he’s a big dude,” Preston admitted.

“I wouldn’t want to be hit by that guy, dude. It’s ridiculous!” Chris said, summing it up. 

The new album from LOCASH, The Fighters, comes out June 17.

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