“Love in a Bar”: Maren Morris reveals fiance Ryan Hurd has always been her support system

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Maren Morris makes her very first visit to #1 this week, with Thomas Rhett on “Craving You,” while her significant other, Ryan Hurd, is gaining traction with his debut single, “Love in a Bar.”

The couple may’ve just revealed their engagement this past Sunday, but Maren says they’ve been there for each other from the very beginning.   

“We were both songwriters before we got signed,” she recalls. “So I remember even three years ago, us like having a beer and saying to each other, ‘Should we do this? Should we do the artist thing?’ And both of us are telling each other, ‘Hell yes, do it!’”

In fact, Maren can’t fathom her breakthrough year without Ryan by her side.

“I just couldn’t imagine going through the last year of my life without having him or my family at every major event,” she confesses. “I mean, it was his birthday at the CMAs this past fall… We got good seats, I was performing, didn’t know I was gonna win… we were celebrating no matter what!”

The “My Church” hitmaker says Ryan never fails to be her biggest supporter.

“When I won for Best New Artist, you can see on the playback, like my jaw drops and he starts just cracking up, because he thinks I’m gonna win every category. But I think we both were genuinely shocked about that one and it was just so nice to have him there for that really big moment. That was the first thing I’d ever won.”

Maren’s third single from her Hero album, “I Could Use a Love Song,” is currently in the top 25.

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