“Love Remains”: Why the New Album from Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott Is a Tribute to Her Beloved Granddaddy

EMI Nashville

While Hillary Scott & the Scott Family’s album, Love Remains, comes out on Friday, it already boasts the number-one Christian hit, “Thy Will” —  not bad for a project that originally started out as a simple way to thank friends who supported Hillary, her mom Linda Davis, her dad Lang Scott and little sister Rylee through the illness and passing of Hillary’s paternal grandfather.  

“He was a blue-collar, hard-working man, who loved God, loved his family and he led by example,” Hillary reminisces. “You know, he led by example in good and bad ways, of what to and what not to do, like we all do. He was the patriarch of our family. He had the loudest, most booming voice. You could literally feel it in your chest. And that song — I mean everything in that song is him,” she says of the track “Safe Haven.”

The faith-based collection immortalizes the man Hillary recalls as Lady Antebellum’s number-one supporter.

“Really before I even knew what a street team was, like he was our street team. He would bootleg-copy things and like give ’em to people, because he was so proud of us. He was like, ‘My granddaughter and these two tall long-legged boys are out riding around in a van and I’m just so proud of ’em and they’re gonna be the next big thing.’ And then he’d play like the demo of ‘Love Don’t Live Here’ for these random people he was driving to the airport, because he drove the airport shuttle.”

You can catch Hillary Scott & the Scott Family Tuesday when they perform the track “Beautiful Messes” on Good Morning America at 7 a.m. on ABC.

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