Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley: The ACM Awards are rigged!

CBS/Cliff Lipson

If by some chance you didn’t think Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley were outrageous enough when they co-hosted the ACM Awards for the first time last year, the pair is proving they’re ready to bring it in 2017. They’ve even gone so far as to allege the whole affair is rigged.

“When you’re hosting the show, you do get nominations, and when you stop hosting, they kinda go away. So I’m worried about stopping hosting,” Dierks admits.

“So maybe we can just lock in hosting for the next 20 years,” Luke suggests.

But the “Fast” nominee is prepared to go even farther with his antics.

“They actually let us manipulate the votes in our favor,” Luke jokes.

“So that’s how Luke got Entertainer again this year. He definitely doesn’t deserve it, because he’s not really playing anywhere, unless you count stadiums,” Dierks adds, as Luke erupts in laughter.

If Luke can walk away with another Entertainer win, he’s also prepared to back Dierks in the Male Vocalist category.

“Obviously, guys like me, Chris Stapleton, we’re a little, you know, above the rest,” Dierks jokes, “and certainly I deserve to be in that category… When you think of great singers, you think of me.”

“Top of the list! Chris — way behind you!” Luke chimes in with his support.

“He’ll probably win it again because of the politics, but it’s fine,” Dierks finishes, as Luke once again can’t control his laughter.

You can find out who really wins starting at 8 p.m. ET Sunday night on CBS, as Luke and Dierks host the 52nd ACM Awards.

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